Olaine, 2018-02-02 08:57 CET (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In relation to the sudden passing away of our father Valerijs Maligins and his will to share his inheritance equally among all three of his daughters, we would like to publicly announce our professional intentions about AS Olainfarm, which is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the Baltics, as well as about other companies related to us.


Our dad, Valerijs Maligins has achieved a lot during his lifetime. No one expected his life and his work to stop so early and suddenly.  We greatly respect what he has achieved and are proud of his achievements, as he developed a leading chemical and pharmaceutical products producer.


Valerijs Maligins’ will was to leave his inheritance, including shares in AS Olainfarm to all three of his daughters in equal parts.  Through this, he expressed his will that we continue with what he started.  We fully realize that such an inheritance, that includes several companies, also means a great amount of duties and responsibilities.


We sincerely care about the future of Olainfarm group.  We want it to continue growing, contribute to development of Latvian pharmaceutical sector and to Latvian economy in general.  We will, in close cooperation with other shareholders, be working at implementation of development plans and strategies, where the current management team and other employees have a very important role to play.  We rely very much on their experience and professionalism.  It is the contribution of this team assembled by our father and contribution of his own that have made it into one of the strongest and the most progressive companies in the Baltics.  We regard it our duty to ensure that Olainfarm remains one of the Baltic leaders in good governance and keeps creating value for all its shareholders.


We already are minority shareholders of Olainfarm and we see our professional future being related to Olainfarm and other inherited companies. We hope that Anna, our youngest sister, will also want to be related with the Company, as our father wished.


Since our childhood father wanted to introduce us to the operations of pharmaceutical sector and encouraged us to study foreign languages, because he knew it would broaden our view.  Companies of Olainfarm Group have been Irina’s employers since 2013, which has allowed her know the company from its very basics and gain some professional experience.  Irina has a Master’s degree in Global Management from Regent’s Business School in London; she is fluent in Russian, Latvian, English and French.  Nika is studying law in Riga Stradins University; she is fluent in Latvian, Russian, English and German and is studying French and Arabic.


Our father was a wonderful person, a very bright personality, a successful businessperson and a philanthrope.  We have to learn a lot to continue what our dad has started. He has taught us a lot and helps understand the main values in life.  We believe this will guide us through our futures.


Our deep respect to work of Valerijs Maligins and continuation of everything he started is a mutual goal of both of us.  We want to team up with other shareholders and with the management to ensure that the growth of Olainfarm continues and so do other things started by our father.  We want Olainfarm and other companies to always be a pride of our own and pride of our country.


Irina Maligina and Nika Saveljeva


         Information prepared by:
         Salvis Lapins
         JSC Olainfarm
         Member of the Management Board
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