CAMBRIDGE, Mass., April 17, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Novaseek Research, Inc., a health IT for life sciences company, today launched its partnership with CoxHealth, a health system nationally accredited by DNV GL-Healthcare. The partnership expands access to biospecimens and associated real world clinical data obtained with patient consent and authorization from six CoxHealth hospitals and medical centers, 80+ CoxHealth clinics across 24 counties to clinical researchers for use in discovery, translational medicine, observational and clinical studies.

“Our partnership with CoxHealth, one of the largest hospital systems in Missouri and surrounding states, is now active to help streamline the development path based on a better understanding of real world patients,” said Andrei Soran, founder and chief executive officer, Novaseek Research. “As our network of partners utilizing Novaseek’s Clinical Data Network for Research (CDNR) platform continues to grow, there is increased opportunity for researchers to accelerate and streamline the lengthy and costly research process by more precisely identifying patient populations with highly specific characteristics from very early and throughout the development process.”

CDNR is an award-winning, cloud-based platform that transforms the way healthcare organizations and consented patients share biospecimens and clinical data with the research community. Researchers access CDNR via an intuitive user interface that gives them the ability to define patient cohorts and request biospecimens using population analytics and detailed criteria such as demographics, diagnoses, co-morbidities, lab values, medications and treatment histories. 

CDNR enables complex requests such as, biospecimens and data collected before and after specific cancer treatments, without the need to burden patients with extra blood draws or complex medical questionnaires. This streamlined approach accelerates research and allows more hospitals and patients to participate in supporting biomedical research while generating additional revenue.

“Our partnership with Novaseek Research further solidifies CoxHealth’s leadership in adopting information technology solutions to improve patient care, enabling us to provide our patients in urban and rural areas alike the opportunity to participate in research and clinical studies,” said Chris Schulze, director, Clinical Research, CoxHealth. “Our contributions to research via the CDNR platform not only expands our offering to patients, but also strengthens CoxHealth’s position as one of the most widely recognized hospitals in our region.”

Novaseek Research is increasing its national exposure through exhibits and participation at events such as the Becker’s Hospital Review Ninth Annual Meeting and the 23rd Annual Executive War College meeting taking place May 1 – 2, in New Orleans. Since launching in 2014, Novaseek has assembled a national network of hospital partners and is enabling its growing research customer base to access real world clinical data and biospecimens in a novel way and to bring medical advances to patients faster.

About CDNR

Novaseek’s award-winning, novel, cloud platform, the Clinical Data Network for Research (CDNR), easily interfaces with hospital data sources in real time. The CDNR enables researchers to define patient cohorts through population analytics and to access consented biospecimens and clinical data to advance translational medicine, clinical development and observational studies. CDNR enables the fulfillment of complex requests, such as the collection of biospecimens and data before and after specific treatments, without burdening patients with extra blood draws or extensive medical questionnaires. This approach allows more hospitals and patients to participate in supporting biomedical research. 

About CoxHealth

A community-based, not-for-profit health system, CoxHealth is headquartered in Springfield, Mo., and is nationally accredited by DNV GL - Healthcare. Established in 1906, the organization serves more than 900,000 people in a 24-county service area in southwest Missouri and northwest Arkansas, offering a comprehensive array of primary and specialty care including six hospitals and more than 80 clinics in 25 communities. The health system includes Cox Medical Center South, Cox Medical Center Branson, Cox North Hospital, Meyer Orthopedic and Rehabilitation Hospital, Cox Monett Hospital, Cox Barton County Hospital, Oxford HealthCare, Home Parenteral Services (home infusion therapy), CoxHealth Foundation, Cox College, Cox HealthPlans and more.

About Novaseek

Novaseek Research, Inc. is a game-changing health IT for life sciences company that provides turn-key, dynamic access to real world clinical data and biospecimens from a network of healthcare organizations. We envision a world where a clear understanding of real-world patients is central to every stage of life sciences research and drug development. For more information, please visit 

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