KEMP, Texas, May 16, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Hal Richards, received an endorsement for Kaufman county judge from former Forney, Texas school board president, Jim Jacobs. In a video edited and distributed by Larson Electronics LLC, Jacobs announced his support, praising Richard’s for his integrity and sincerity.

“I know a lot of the things that you (Richards) faced as the mayor, I faced similar situations with the school board that I was on for 25 years. So I’ve been there and done that, and in spite of that you’ve come out a good man and that’s what’s impressed me the most,” said Jacobs speaking to Richards. “Your integrity, your sincerity – You’re real people and that’s important, you don’t feel like you’re above anybody else.”

Jim Jacobs was on the Forney, Texas school board for 25 years, and sees many similarities between his duties and Richards’ former position as Mayor. Jacobs believes Richards will succeed as Kaufman County judge, because of his ability to manage independently appointed people, creating a positive and neighborhood-like environment.

“You have to work with people who… want to follow your leadership because they want to, not because they have to,” stated Jacobs. “You try to give everybody a level playing field so they can express themselves, get their ideas out, whether or not you agree or disagree with them.”

Jacobs feels that Richards is right for the job because he looks to create friendships, rather than aiming to create a hierarchy within Kaufman. “In my lifestyle that’s something I’m comfortable with,” said Jacobs. “I want somebody that I can have as a neighbor.”

A video of Jim Jacob’s endorsement can be found here. Media edited and distributed by Larson Electronics LLC, Hal Richards’ supporter.

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