IT – Nasdaq expands PTP services in Europe, adds UTC traceability reporting and PTP services in London

MiFID II mandates clock synchronization at European exchanges and trading firms. Nasdaq now offers a Precision Time Protocol (PTP) service for its Nordic Co-Location customers at the Vasby data center as well as customers in the Equinix LD4 data center in London. This competitively priced service utilizes the PTPv2 protocol to synchronize clocks and achieve nanosecond accuracy and can be used for Time Synchronization, Compliance, Latency Calculations, Troubleshooting, Fine Tuning Trade Algorithms and Precision Trade Capture.

Using GPS Common View Time Transfer, Nasdaq is continuously comparing its time representation with UTC(SP), as realized by RISE Research Institutes of Sweden. Repeated calibrations of Nasdaq’s timing infrastructure assure UTC traceability and clients can use published reports to demonstrate their traceability to UTC.


For more information and how to order the services, please contact:

Richard Gaudy
Head of Sales, Europe
Trade Management Services
+46 8 405 6103
Per Wettergren
Head of Business Development, Europe
Trade Management Services
+46 8 405 6382