The Craig McConnon group is thrilled to announce that they have secured a Cambridge venue for bookings and regular Saturday nights out. “Planet 7+ is entirely our own project,” says Craig McConnon. “We've pulled out all the stops to develop and design a party venue that never disappoints. With everything from trance to house to pop, it's going to rock big time.”

Craig McConnon himself recently travelled to the south to scout venues for the Craig McConnon Group. “There's some stuff going on out in the south, but still room to grow,” says Craig McConnon. “After some scouting, we settled on warehouse style Planet 7+, a super fit to purpose DJ venue for everything that's happening now.”

Craig McConnon took some time out to chat to locals and students about their music scene experiences. Craig found that existing clubs and venues in Cambridge don't quite hit the mark with locals, especially the student population. “It's not that all they want to do is party,” says Craig. “But everyone needs to let loose and let it all go every now and again.” Some comments were that existing venues were too small, cramped or lacked quality sound. One student commented, “Cambridge is not the place if you want a good night life. It's not that we don't go out, but more that it isn't fantastic. I miss my nights out here a lot when in Cambridge,”

“We're just going to fix that for you,” Craig assured.

The Craig McConnon Group is taking feedback seriously in the design of Planet 7+. “The space is really big,” says Craig McConnon. “We're kitting it out with a raised perspex DJ box right in the centre and lighting effects to make your eyes pop. We're putting in chill rooms and have secured an alcohol licence. We're really pulling out all the stops. We've put up the funding for Planet 7+ and we wouldn't be doing that if we didn't have a strong business case.”

Craig McConnon is thrilled about the new acquisition. “Brighton has always been where the party is in the south. Planet 7+ is going to change that,” he says. “I'm totally amped and planning a personal appearance at the launch. It's an epic venue with really stylish finishes. It's big, but with the numbers we're expecting, the vibe will be super awesome. We know we'll be packed, so we're looking ahead to make sure Planet 7+ gives all it can to Cambridge night life.”

The Craig McConnon Group is going all out to book their best DJs for Planet 7+ on a continuous basis. “We want variation,” says Craig McConnon. “There is a lot to cover in Cambridge so we're focusing on variety without losing vibe.” Craig McConnon has put out his own ideas for a series of launch parties. “We're looking at a kind of CB1 Remix with Cambridge roots,” says Craig. “We're thinking Pink Floyd, Clean Bandit, Henry Cow, The Movies, Katrina and the Waves, The Soft Boys, Ezio, The Broken Family Band, Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats, even indie Alt-J... just about everything, engineered and awesome.”

Craig McConnon says the venue will be up and running in the next few weeks. “We're moving fast, we're doing it all, already planning gigs, getting bookings. We're attracting new talent, but I don't take anyone. You've got to be seriously good, a top performer. I personally vouch for every DJ in the Group and I don't do that without really good reason,” he reports.

Craig McConnon says he's super stoked about Planet 7+. “It's a challenge but that's what we love. It's an opportunity for us to make something really great, pull in new clients, put up some major events and start shaking up night life in the south. We're already receiving bookings for the venue and I'll be there in person for some select events. “I love a challenge. I've just got to be there,” says Craig McConnon. It's tough with my schedule, but I'm so going to find a way.”

About us:
Craig McConnon is a very well known DJ and music artist now based in London after many years of travelling and DJing across the world. He set up the Craig McConnon Group five years ago. Craig performs at multiple venues, including parties, weddings, corporate events, and much more. Craig has over 15 years’ experience in being a DJ and uses the very latest equipment to ensure your event runs as smoothly as possible. To get more information and make a booking with the Craig McConnon Group, you can contact him or his team via the website for more information.