This is a correction of the announcement Released: 17.05.2018 (14:00). The reason for the correction is the figure provided for Alan Williams in the 'Aggregate Information' section of the Notification of dealing Form should have read Aggregate Volume 1,444 shares, Aggregate Total £18,953.76

The amended announcement appears below.

The Board of the Company was notified today that the following PDMR and their PCA acquired ordinary shares of 10 pence each (‘Shares’) in the Company on 11 May 2018 in accordance with the Company's Dividend Re-investment Plan.

PDMR Number of Shares acquiredShare Price
Alan Williams1,444£13.12587
Fiona Williams705£13.12587

Following this Acquisition Mr Williams total beneficial interest is 121,842 shares which equates to 0.1% of the ISC.

This Notification is made in accordance with the requirements of Article 19 of the EU Market Abuse Regulation. The Notification of Dealing Forms for the PDMRs can be found below.

For Further information please contact:

Helen O’Keefe
Deputy Company Secretary
+44 (0)1604 685910

Notification of dealing form

1Details of the person discharging managerial responsibilities/ person closely associated
  1. Alan Williams
  2. Fiona Williams
2 Reason for the notification
  1. Chief Financial Officer
  2. PCA
b)Initial notification/AmendmentInitial Notification
3Details of the issuer, emission allowance market participant, auction platform, auctioneer or auction monitor
a)NameTravis Perkins plc
4Details of the transaction(s): section to be repeated for (i) each type of instrument; (ii) each type of transaction; (iii) each date; and; (iv) each place where transaction have been conducted
a)Description of the financial instrument,
type of instrument Identification code
Ordinary Shares of 10 pence each



ISIN: GB0007739609
 b)Nature of the transactionPurchase pursuant to the Company’s Dividend Re-investment Plan
c)Price(s) and volume (s)Price(s)Volume(s)
  1. 1,444
  2.   705
d)Aggregated information


-Aggregated volume
Aggregate PriceAggregate VolumeAggregate Total
  1. 1,444
  2.   705
  1. £18,953.76
  2.  £9,253.74
e)Date of the transaction11 May 2018
f)Place of the transactionXLON