14 June 2018
Announcement no. 40/2018

Alm. Brand – Exercise of options  

The release of the company’s interim report for Q1 2018, as announced in company accouncement no. 31/2018, opened an exercise period for share options issued in September 2014.

On the closing of the trading window, the holders of share options had exercised 100,971 share options, thereby acquiring an equivalent number of shares from Alm. Brand A/S at an exercise price of DKK 23.28 per share. For the purpose of these transactions, Alm. Brand A/S has sold treasury shares acquired in connection with the issue of the options in a total amount of DKK 2.35 million.

Please direct any questions regarding this announcement to Susanne Biltoft, Head of Information and Investor Relations, on tel. +45 35 47 76 61.