SINGAPORE, June 20, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy, the National University of Singapore and Science Centre Singapore announced today that Professor Hervé THIS, the internationally renowned chemist and pioneering founder of the cutting edge field of Molecular Gastronomy, will be holding a series of events and speaking engagements the week of 24 June in Singapore.

“At-Sunrice is honoured to bring Professor THIS to Singapore for our 2018 Distinguished Speaker Series and introduce an entirely new audience to his revolutionary and inspiring approach to the culinary sciences,” said Dr. Kwan Lui, founder of At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy.  “We encourage our At-Sunrice students to go beyond the craft and art of culinary education into the five domains incorporating Craft, Art, Science, Gastronomy and the Business of Food. Professor THIS uses chemistry, physics and biology to challenge traditional ideas of cooking and eating – and his discoveries will intrigue chefs, gourmets, famers, supply chain and scientists on all levels.”

A physical chemist at France’s National Institute for Agricultural Research, Professor THIS is regarded as a true culinary revolutionary who has spent his career bringing science into the kitchen, both to explain traditional cooking and then to dismantle it. Hailed by The New York Times as “France’s favorite gastronomic mad scientist,” Professor THIS is one of the two founders of molecular gastronomy, a subdivision of food science that emphasizes the chemical components of cooking and food.

Professor THIS is also the pioneer of a new technique called “Note-by-Note” cooking – building food from pure chemical compounds which can help eliminate food waste and eventually end world hunger. Note by Note cooking bypasses traditional ingredients like vegetables, meat and fruit in favor of their underlying compounds like protein, lipids, saccharides, phenolics, etc. – which it reassembles for an endless range of culinary possibilities.  “If you use pure compounds, you open up billions and billions of new possibilities,” said Professor THIS. “It’s like a painter using primary colours or a musician composing wave by wave with a synthesizer.”

On Tuesday, June 26, Professor THIS will present a public lecture on the science of Molecular Gastronomy and Note-by-Note Cooking at the Science Centre. Professor THIS will explain his philosophy of science and cooking and give hands on demonstrations of Molecular Gastronomy techniques and innovations. 

“Cooking involves many physical and chemical changes which have their roots in science,” said Associate Professor Lim Tit Meng, chief executive, Science Centre Singapore. “We are really pleased to offer a rare opportunity to view this everyday process through a scientist’s lens and hope it stimulates inquiry and experimentation around food.  We are really honoured to have internationally renowned chef-scientist Hervé THIS at the Science Centre, bringing us a unique educational experience and an awareness of science in a very special way. Professor THIS blends science, research and cooking to create culinary trends and is a pioneer of molecular gastronomy.  The Science Centre is a place for our guests to imbibe essential knowledge about the world through exploration and discovery and we are thankful for such partnerships that help us achieve our mission of inculcating a love for science.”

On Thursday, June 28, Professor THIS will lecture on “Molecular Gastronomy and the Future of Food” at the Faculty of Science, National University of Singapore. This talk is free and open to the public.

Professor Shen Zuowei, Dean, Faculty of Science, said, “We are honoured to host Prof THIS’ lecture at NUS. This event is timely, as it also marks the 10th anniversary of the launch of our unique Master of Science Degree Programme in Science Communication jointly offered with The Australian National University, which equips students to become confident and effective communicators of science to the general public. Prof THIS’ visual demonstrations on how recent research in chemistry, physics and biology can create novel food tastes and flavours is an excellent example of how creative science communication can capture the public imagination and help non-scientists to understand the compelling impact of science on our daily lives.”

 In addition to the speaking engagements above, Professor THIS will be the keynote speaker for At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy’s Graduation Ceremony and TalentMatch© events on Wednesday, June 27. More details on TalentMatch© can be found at

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