Craig McConnon Group announces Bangor gig hinting at new venue

Craig McConnon just returned from a massively successful private lock down in the university town of Bangor. It was no ordinary gig as Craig McConnon seamlessly integrated the sparse and syncopated sub-base beats of dubstep with experimental remixes of classical pieces. “Bangor is home to a strong classical music movement and the venue was ideal, on the upper side and really the view was incredible, so when I saw it I thought, I need to do something different,” said Craig McConnon.

The Craig McConnon Group apparently worked on the reel on the fly with Craig McConnon leading the charge in ripping through the charts literally from ancient times. “I studied music history for a while so I know something about composers and picked out some pieces I think are pretty cool and were out there at the time,” says Craig McConnon. “I was experimenting with the base and beat and going down tempo on the classics and then it was just weird that I figured I could do a mix with dubstep reverb and sonic effects, and that's how it came to be.”

Craig McConnon reportedly kept the 200-strong crowd on their feet for six straight hours at the private event. “We started at sundown and basically kept going,” says Craig McConnon. “I actually don't really know how I did it.” The mix was eclectic and unusual to say the least with characteristic instrumental sounds, around 140 bpm and strong percussive elements. Instrumental elements were supported by repetitive clips from classic pieces overlaid on double-time rhythm. Craig McConnon took pieces from the Baroque period right up to contemporary classical pieces and interlaced the orchestral elements with some super electronic effects and major bass.

The Craig McConnon Group was pleased with the audience response. The brief was to do “something like Cream Classical” and the crowd certainly kept to the floor, keeping Craig McConnon on his toes for the full duration. “I'm not sure it was what they expected, but they really seemed to get into it and the client was super stoked,” said a company spokesman. “We had extra staff on lights because Craig has his hands full at the deck and was going solo and that went off great.”

Craig McConnon is not only known for his music, but also his lighting and effects. Apparently Craig McConnon briefed his technicians in infinite detail on exactly what he expected to happen and when. “You can never really know exactly how it's going to roll,” said a company spokesman. “But Craig had us really shaking things down with those lights, hazers, lasers and foggers.” With three technicians on lights and effects and Craig McConnon solo on the decks, the event was described by some partygoers as surreal.

Craig McConnon has confirmed surreal is what he was aiming for. “I don't like average,” says Craig McConnon. “So that's why I took digging deep to an entirely new level. This was a really special client and they've been waiting on the books for ages now and I really wanted to go all out to make it something to remember. I hope I did that... I think I did that.”

The Craig McConnon Group confirmed that the private event was a massive success and hopes Craig McConnon can pull it off again. “I really hope he wrote down what he did,” says a company spokesman. “I expect someone's going to come asking for that but honestly I don't think any of us know how he pulled that one off.”

Craig McConnon reportedly said it would be “really cool” to lock a permanent gig for experimental electronic mixes like the Bangor gig, and the Craig McConnon Group is apparently investigating the possibilities in Bangor and elsewhere. “The music scene is big in Bangor,” said Craig McConnon. “There's plenty on the clubbing scene and then there's the classical element too with Pontio, so it would be ideal but we've still got some digging to do. And maybe remembering what I actually did.”

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