WASHINGTON, July 1, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via PRWEB - Trans-Management Systems Corporation (TMSC), a government contractor and professional services firm that specializes in improving human services delivery programs, has a long history of serving the communication needs of the Office of Head Start. Currently, TMSC operates the Head Start Information & Communications Center (HSICC) which develops and manages the Head Start websites, social media management, and a contact center handling all telephone and email communications, much of which is generated from the websites.

TMSC handles the creation and management of over 12,000 content objects for the website, many of which are presented in both English and Spanish. Formats range from simple HTML pages to multimedia learning modules. The creation, quality assurance, posting, and updating of this content required tracking the many workflows specific to different kinds of content, and yet accurately maintain an overall process from submission and design through production and quality checks.

As the website grew, the HSICC Contact Center similarly saw the work increase, receiving over 1,300 phone calls and 800 email or form submissions per month which must be handled individually by a call center staff of five within 48 hours of receipt. An earlier system collected complaints and suggestions, but had become overloaded, and tended to be inefficient at the expanding scale.

In 2008, TMSC acquired JobTraQ to manage this expanding work and it has become the central hub of all website production. JobTraQ logs all the individual tasks related to projects, Q&A, time logs, and approvals for compliance and accountability. JobTraQ maintains efficiency and on-time project completion with its integrated task management for teams. In addition, direct email submission is used to automatically capture work orders placed on the website and import them as tasks within JobTraQ.

JobTraQ was also implemented in the HSICC Contact Center to help manage the individual communications being generated by the Head Start website. With JobTraQ's visual workflow, TMSC was able to create statuses that automatically route communications and handle responses. Further, special workflow branches can assure various government requirements are met. Most notably, the JobTraQ web service is used to integrate an independent records archive so that all user questions and the responses provided are permanently housed in a separate document repository.

John Graf, Technical Lead at Head Start Information and Communications Center has worked with JobTraQ since day one. "The workflow is gorgeous. It is just so easy. I was blown away by how fast I could adjust things. And I could literally just see it without writing any code. When users want an improvement, I add a new step. It doesn't break anything and the work doesn't get interrupted. It just keeps going. That's its real beauty. We just keep modifying it, through contract changes and people changes. "

JobTraQ allows TMSC to deliver more effectively for Head Start. John adds, "Head Start is extremely happy with us. We're doing a great deal more work, with possibly one or two less people. We don't lose anything. Nothing gets misplaced. We've had great success with JobTraQ."

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