Anderson Chiropractic Clinic Offers Freshly-Patented VDP-PRO for Pain Relief

| Source: Anderson Chiropractic Clinic

SACRAMENTO, Calif., Jan. 15, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Gregg C. Anderson, D.C. was issued a U.S. Design Patent on December 27 for his new Vertebral Distraction Device. It is an upgrade from the original Vertebral Distraction Pump instruments that have been utilized in practices around the world since 1999. These innovative handheld tools were designed to enable practitioners to more easily and reliably apply the effective Flexion-Distraction chiropractic technique at all spinal disc levels. The device is useful for patients with disc compression, disc degeneration, disc herniation, and facet syndrome. It can also be used anywhere in the body to release painful and restrictive myofascial adhesions.

The VDP-PRO is ergonomically designed, is sturdy and lightweight, and is composed of steel, nylon, and die-cast aluminum. The VDP-PRO eliminates the need for chiropractors to purchase and use more cumbersome, expensive and difficult to use tables and machines. The revolutionary and upgraded device comes in two sizes, and is being marketed as the “VDP-PRO.” Interested parties can learn more about it at

The VDP-PRO is non-invasive. With the new bullet-nose-shaped tips, the VDP-PRO penetrates deep into the soft tissue and myofascia, releases the painful restrictions, and provides a very specific distraction force. Due to its specificity, some patients have even experienced a clinical reduction of disc herniation with a single application.

Patients who can benefit from the VDP-PRO are typically those dealing with common back and neck pain issues, including associated nerve pain that radiates down the arms or legs. Patients with disc herniation, disc degeneration, and facet syndrome often seek this conservative alternative to drugs and surgery.

“I can say that the newly-designed and patented VDP-PRO is an essential tool for modern chiropractic providers. I can’t imagine not having it in my practice,” said Dr. Gregg Anderson, D.C.   He added, “It is a great feeling to not only help my own patients heal and get back to feeling good again, but now to help other doctors around the world. I would never have anticipated this when I started in the profession over 20 years ago.”

The VDP-PRO, paired with complementary techniques as part of an individualized chiropractic treatment program, can reduce patient discomfort and speed healing with its highly specialized actions.

Dr. Gregg Anderson, D.C. maintains his clinical practice at Anderson Chiropractic Clinic, which offers chiropractic care in the Arden-Arcade area of Sacramento, CA.  With these instruments in his hands for many years, he continues to enjoy using this product with patients and enjoys seeing favorable patient outcomes.

Dr. Gregg Anderson, D.C., Sacramento chiropractor, has served the Sacramento area since 1996. The practice uses the most effective and researched strategies to address patient needs. Services at Anderson Chiropractic Clinic include comprehensive chiropractic care, digital X-rays, corrective exercises, and lifestyle advice.

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