Sydney, Australia, Feb. 09, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Heron Resources Limited (“Heron”) is pleased to announce that the share sale facility (“Facility”) established by Heron and undertaken by Euroz Securities Limited to sell ineligible foreign shareholders’ entitlement under the distribution of Ardea Resources Limited (Ardea) shares to Heron shareholders has been successfully completed.[1]

Mr Taylor noted “We are delighted that the share sale facility has been completed prior to the listing of Ardea as it contributes to an orderly market.  The take up of the sale facility shares reflects the strong demand for the asset portfolio held by Ardea and its prospects for the future.”

Foreign shareholders were entitled to 5,956,820 Ardea shares under the distribution approved by Heron shareholders on 29 September 2016.  Of these 1,593,831 shares were transferred to foreign shareholders under the Facility who elected to receive their entitlements and the balance (4,362,989 Ardea shares) were sold for $0.20 per share.

The sale proceeds (less 1% brokerage fee for the value of the in specie shares sold) will be paid within 30 days to each ineligible foreign shareholder by:

(i)         direct credit to the intermediary holding the Heron shares on behalf of the Heron shareholder; or

(ii)        where the shares are held directly, by cheque sent by mail to the ineligible foreign shareholder’s address as shown on Heron’s share register.

A further announcement will be made to advise of the payment date.  Ineligible foreign shareholders are asked to update their details with Heron’s share register.  Neither Heron, Ardea nor Euroz Securities Limited take any responsibility for the payment to ineligible foreign shareholders.

Shareholders are reminded that all Ardea in specie shares plus subscribed Ardea shares held three months after the 9 February 2017 listing date will qualify for a 1 for 3 bonus issue of Ardea Loyalty Options.

[1] See Heron’s letter to foreign shareholders announced on ASX on 2 December 2016 for further information.


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