800Fund.com Announces Launch of Community Partnership Program

| Source: 800Fund.com LLC

NEW YORK, Feb. 13, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In light of the recent devastating weather in New Orleans, 800Fund.com is launching its Be the Change Community Partnership Project. As a part of this project, 800Fund.com is partnering with the DND Youth Development Organization, other New Orleans area nonprofits and local small business owners in an effort to assist the recovery efforts and as a part of a commitment to create long term, positive impact within the community.

The primary focus of 800Fund.com’s Be the Change Community Partnership Project is to both assist in providing relief after disaster and to foster long term, positive community and commerce growth. By partnering with community organizations and local small business owners, this project can better meet the needs of the area, as well as, empower those affected in a number of ways.

800fund.com understands that small businesses are the lifeblood of any community. For this reason, the company furthers its commitment to support and service their small to medium-sized business clientele while powering local economic growth by way of providing alternative lending solutions to traditional banking. It’s a fairly simple concept, if the businesses flourish, so do their communities.

In addition to the community partnership project, 800Fund.com is also offering funding to impacted business owners in need of capital to restart their operations. 800Fund.com is committed to empowering U.S. small business owners and has announced that it will be offering expedited MCA funding and easing a number of approval guidelines for impacted business owners. Qualified businesses can receive advances up to $1 million to replace real estate, machinery, equipment, inventory and other business assets. Early repayment discounts are available to those entitled to insurance claims. Applications are being accepted online now.

For more information on 800Fund.com’s Be the Change Community Partnership Project or how 800Fund.com can help your small business, please visit www.800fund.com or call (212)865-3863.

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The DND Youth Development Organization is a 501c3 nonprofit based in New Orleans, Louisiana. The primary focus of this organization is to empower teenage students to make life choices that positively impact their future through community-based mentoring and intensive training. DND Youth Organization aims to reduce the number of high school dropouts, match students with an adult mentor and provide students with a sense of the future and their place in that future. Our programs consist of involving students in programs that would not only help them make better life choices, but help them develop an outlook on career choices at an early age. More information on this nonprofit can be found at www.dndyouth.org .


800fund is a leading merchant cash advance and short-term alternative lender to small- and medium-sized businesses. It is headquartered at 30 Broad Street, New York, NY. For business owners interested in information on alternative funding services, please visit 800Fund.com. After over a decade of finding ways to approve business owners that have long faced the struggles of securing funding through banks and other lenders, 800fund.com prides itself in its “1 to 1” program that starts at just $1,000 and advances up to $1 million with working capital repayment terms from 30 days to 24 months. In addition to this specially designed program, 800fund.com simplifies and expedites a traditionally lengthy process with swift decisions and same- or next- day financing in order to meet the needs of today’s small to medium-sized businesses.

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