Eyecare Specialties Announces Exclusive Distributorship of Costa Del Mar Sunglasses

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WARRENSBURG, Mo., March 12, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Costa sunglasses are favorites of environmentally-conscious, active people. Now, they are available exclusively at Eyecare Specialties in all four of their locations. This enables their customers to get the genuine article and not have to worry about counterfeit products or incorrect prescription lenses. Since Eyecare Specialties is also a full-service eye care center, it is also easy to get needed eye exams before picking out the glasses.

Costa sunglasses aren't just another type of designer eyewear. Most pairs are hand-assembled right in Daytona Beach, Florida. The frames are backed for life against defects, are made to be used by sports people on the water, and come in over 60 frame styles. Thanks to that wide selection of styles, there are pairs to fit every face rather than just a small range of sizes or colors.

With all of the online options, it makes sense to wonder why it's still a good idea to go to an eye doctor's office to get frames. It turns out that one of the main reasons is to ensure that the genuine article is actually obtained. In many cases, the online prices are so cheap because of the simple reason that they do not deliver the genuine article. Physical offices, such as any of the Eyecare Specialties locations, have arrangements with the authorized wholesalers of the frames and they uphold the brand’s limited lifetime warranty.

"Knockoffs are always a big problem with designer eyeglass frames. With all of these things, a customer's best bet is to deal only with authorized retailers. Such retailers are almost always physical stores. Physical outlets have good control of the conditions the merchandise is kept in and how it's displayed, so they can maintain the quality level the brands demand.  The prices are all protected from the company and are guaranteed the same at all authorized retailers so why wouldn’t you want great service for the same price as online?” stated Dr. Jason Lake of Eyecare Specialties.

Authorized Costa sunglasses retailers can also have these frames ordered and made with prescription lenses that come in the brand’s signature lens styles and colors.

"People who need sunglasses often need prescription lenses as well. This is another reason why it's a good idea to get frames at our eye care office. We can do all necessary exams and provide the custom prescription for your glasses. There is no need to come in with empty frames and have lenses fitted. Not only that, your sunglasses will be custom fit by our certified opticians to get the optimal performance from your vision," Dr. Susan Lake said.

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