FAIRFAX, Va., March 19, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- UV light isn't the only form of light that is dangerous to the eye; blue-violet light is another form that can harm vision. This is the type of light that typically comes from computer screens and mobile devices. It is also a large part of the visible aspect of sunlight. Over time, such light causes eye strain, disrupted sleep cycles, and may even damage the retina. Fairfax optometry, Dr. Howard Budner & Associates Optometrists, offers clear blue light blocking lenses for patient eye safety.

"Most people are aware of the dangers associated with UV light exposure; however they forget that visible light can also be harmful. Meanwhile, they expose themselves to more and more of this light by using computers and mobile devices, compact fluorescent (CFL) light bulbs, LED bulbs, and spending more of their time indoors. This increases the danger of blue light damage since hardly most people don’t wear glasses meant to block this part of the spectrum," said Dr. Howard Budner O.D.

Fortunately, it is easy to protect the eyes from this sort of light. Most of the harmful part of the blue-violet spectrum is still invisible, so it can be done with lenses that are nearly clear. Unlike sunglasses, this sort of protective lens is typically meant to allow most of the beneficial spectrum of light to pass through. This helps ensure proper regulation of circadian rhythms, which frequently get thrown off by blue-violet light.

"Even though we often use the term 'blue light' to refer to this part of the spectrum, it's actually a combination of blue and violet light. The light toward the violet end of the scale is invisible, while the blue aspect can be seen. However, it is important to note that the violet part of the light is not the same as ultraviolet, which is even further toward the violet side. This is why regular anti-UV lenses don't offer the needed protection. They're not meant for the same wavelengths." Dr. Budner explained.

Dr. Howard Budner & Associates Optometrists is offering DuraVision blue light protection lenses by Zeiss to combat the dangers of blue-violet light. These can be used in standard eyeglass frames. They are typically used by people who work on computers or mobile devices for extended periods and those who live or work under new lighting technologies like LED or CFL bulbs.

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