WyoVision Associates, Inc. Recognizes Healthy Vision Month with Eye Health Tips

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SHERIDAN, Wyo., May 14, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- . – May is Healthy Vision Month, and in recognition of the importance of healthy eyes, WyoVision Associates, Inc. has released several tips for maintaining good eyesight. Following these suggestions can help prevent vision damage in multiple ways, and together, provide plenty of protection. Implementing them as soon as possible is recommended for the best eye health.

One of the best ways to protect healthy vision is to get a yearly eye exam. This allows optometrists to spot any emerging eye diseases or other problems long before they cause noticeable changes to vision. In many cases, problems can be halted or slowed before they cause such changes, but only if they're spotted in time. Eye exams also provide the opportunity to fine-tune any corrective lens prescriptions so that glasses and contacts continue to work their best.

Some eye care practices have only become standard recently. For example, eye doctors now recommend wearing special lenses to block blue light as well as UV rays. The blue light spectrum is commonly emitted by monitors, flat-screen TVs, smartphone screens, and LED lights – all things that people are exposed to now more than ever. Even those who don't need prescriptions should wear blue-light-blocking glasses if they look at any sort of screen or LED lighting for more than a couple of hours per day.

"While there are new threats to vision health, it's important to remember that old threats are still present. People should protect their eyes from UV light as well as watch out for crude threats like wood chips and other projectiles. It's important to wear safety glasses while using power tools in the yard as well as in the factory, avoid looking at the sun and other overly-bright light, and take other standard precautions against eye injury," said Dr. Joseph Katschke of WyoVision Associates, Inc.

WyoVision Associates, Inc. recommends eye exams on a yearly basis. Some vision problems can crop up quickly, and yearly exams allow problems to be treated in fairly short order. Changes in the eye can also herald serious body-wide (systemic) diseases, such as diabetes and hypertension. Early treatment of these diseases can prevent many other serious problems.

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