SMYRNA, Ga., May 21, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- East West Spine and Rehab Clinic has announced the availability of chiropractic services for personal and auto injury care. Personal injuries take many forms, but a surprising amount of them can be helped by chiropractic treatment. Auto accidents, on the other hand, cause more predictable forms of damage that often include direct injury to the neck and head. Therefore, this Smyrna and Mableton chiropractor, East West Spine and Rehab Clinic, has developed specialized treatments just for dealing with these events.

Sudden injuries often cause problems that aren't immediately apparent, and some of these are very amenable to chiropractic care. Out of the broad class referred to as "personal injuries," the ones most likely to be in this category are falls, sprains, and strains related to slipping, and injuries resulting from collisions with objects. Falls, in particular, send strong shock waves through the entire body that can easily knock the spine and joints out of alignment.

Auto accidents are notorious for causing injuries to the neck, with whiplash being the most well-known of these. What many do not realize is that they can cause delayed back pain as well. Impacts from the rear of the car, which send shock waves directly through the back of the seats, are among the most problematic.

"Many people think that they can just shrug off impacts to their bodies. They fall down, or perhaps get banged by something at work, and will typically only see a bruise – or nothing at all – when they look at the affected area. This lulls them into thinking that everything is fine. Then, a couple of weeks or a month later, they start to feel back or joint pain for what seems to be no reason at all. In reality, what's happening is that they are now feeling the pain from hidden damage. The same type of delayed pain also results from car accidents, which also involve heavy impacts," explains Dr. Ara Leguizamon of East West Spine and Rehab Clinic.

Because delayed pain is so common after injurious events, East West Spine and Rehab Clinic recommends that everyone who has experienced such an incident get a chiropractic evaluation right away. In many cases, their patients report having experienced pain relief after their first visit. New patients are eligible for a free consultation to assess their injuries for a recommended treatment plan.

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