SAN CLEMENTE, Calif., Aug. 09, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- David Steenblock, an osteopathic physician based in San Clemente, CA, uses a 30-minute therapy that enhances a body’s detoxification from pathogens, metals and chemicals.  More significantly, he’s able to offer beauty, anti-aging and wellness all in one therapy.

The therapy is called HOCATT, and it’s all part of premier technology offered at his San Clemente based Personalized Rejuvenative Medicine Clinic. HOCATT amazingly provides health, wellness and beauty all in one treatment, through a multi-modality health device that provides up to 10 effective therapies without stepping out of the unit. 

It looks and almost feels like a steam bath.

HOCATT enhances beauty, by helping to eliminate cellulite in legs, and making skin feel much younger, firmer, and beautiful.  And, it’s been shown that men and women of all ages feel increased energy, physical and sexual stamina, and enhanced mental clarity and stress reduction.

HOCATT is available at Personalized Rejuvenative Medicine at the offices at Dr. David Steenblock.  Dr. David is a leading-edge physician in many fields of medicine, from stroke care, to acute brain trauma, to generative and cell-based medicine in the treatment of ALS, Cerebral Palsy and other chronic and degenerative diseases. 

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