Boston, Massachusetts, Sept. 29, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Sydney, Australia, and Copenhagen, Denmark, claimed the top two spots as the world’s most reputable cities in Reputation Institute’s 2017 City RepTrak®, the world’s largest annual survey of city reputations. Their leadership is distinguished as the only two cities in the world to achieve an excellent reputation.

Sydney’s position as the world’s most reputable city continues its top ranking for the third year in a row. It has successfully grown its reputation with consistent increases year over year and achieving the #1 spot in 2013, 2015, 2016 and 2017. Achieving the benefits of a strong reputation, Sydney is the top city where people would like to live, work and visit.

Copenhagen has gained significant growth in its reputation as it achieves second place in 2017, up from tenth place in 2016, in an increasingly competitive field. Over the past seven years the average reputation of top ranked cities has increased 9 points, and the RepTrak® pulse score needed to achieve a top ranking has increased by 10 points.

The top ten cities in the 2017 City RepTrak® are:

1. Sydney, Australia

2. Copenhagen, Denmark

3. Vienna, Austria

4. Stockholm, Sweden

5. Vancouver, Canada

6. London, England

7. Melbourne, Australia

8. Barcelona, Spain

9. Milan, Italy

10. Toronto, Canada

“While the competition for a strong city reputation, to attract businesses, a talented workforce, and tourists, is only getting stronger, it’s clear that those locations that manage their reputation well are gaining the benefits” said Nicolas Georges Trad, Executive Partner at Reputation Institute. “Cities that successfully manage their reputation and improve their scores are gaining strong support across their stakeholders. These are important issues for local policymakers concerned about tourism, relocation and investment, as there is a direct link between a city’s reputation and people’s willingness to visit, work and live there. By focusing on reputation drivers, cities can improve their reputation scores and benefit from increased support from their stakeholders.”

Results revealed in the 2017 City RepTrak® show that cities with the highest reputations are attracting the most visitors, and gain the greatest support from their stakeholders, including intentions to live, work, invest, and organize and attend events in the locations. 

City RepTrak® is a global survey based on more than 23,000 consumer ratings, collected in the G8 countries, which ranks the world's 56 most reputable cities based on levels of trust, esteem, admiration and respect. Perceptions regarding 13 attributes are grouped into three dimensions: Advanced Economy, Effective Government and Appealing Environment. Cities with strong reputations are perceived positively in all three dimensions.

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