Islamabad, Pakistan, Dec. 22, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Department of State issued a request for quotes today from contractors who can provide English language instruction to Urdu speaking personnel at the US Embassy in Pakistan. The contract has a one-year base period with the option to extend the period of performance up to four additional years. Contractors need submit their quotation for this service by January 23, 2018.

The awarded contractor will have the opportunity to improve communications at the embassy by giving personnel a method to speak a common language regardless of their native tongue. At this time, the embassy employs people who natively speak both English and the national language of Pakistan, Urdu.

The contractor needs to provide instructor presence at the embassy five-days a week from 8:00am - 5:00pm. During this period, instructors will provide no more than five one-hour sessions per day to embassy personnel in classes of around twenty to twenty-five students. Instructors need to hold a bachelor’s degree with a minimum of three years’ experience teaching English in a classroom setting. This classroom experience will allow the instructors to plan lessons, provide effective tests, give appropriate feedback and be supportive of students as they learn. The contractor is responsible for supplying embassy approved books to the instructors.

The contracting officer in charge of choosing the business, organization or school who wins the contract would also like to see a program of quality assurance included in the proposal. Quality of service will be judged upon whether or not students are learning the appropriate English language skills relevant to their professional positions at the embassy.  There should also be a system in place for monitoring student complaints and taking action when necessary. Beginner, intermediate and advanced English language students will a part of the classes and the contract solicitation contains the expectations for each type of student’s curriculum.

The full solicitation can be found on the federal business opportunities’ website, Questions about the requirements can be directed toward Contracting Officer, Chris F. Pierson at his embassy office in Pakistan by letter or telephone. Contractors may also visit a third-party registration firm such as US Federal Contractor Registration to learn more and register to bid on government contracts.

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