REDWOOD CITY, Calif., Feb. 27, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- TigerGraph, the world’s fastest graph analytics platform for the enterprise, today introduced TigerGraph 2.0 to empower enterprises with the fastest and most scalable graph analytics. TigerGraph 2.0 offers real time MultiGraph collaboration services - an industry first that supports upcoming GDPR requirements, along with enhancements in distributed system performance and security. The company also announced its presence at the upcoming Strata Data Conference, taking place March 6 - 8 in San Jose, CA. TigerGraph’s founder and CEO, Dr. Yu Xu, will deliver a talk on the benefits of real-time deep link analytics on March 7th. 

“TigerGraph 2.0 delivers a new level of deployment ease, allowing our customers to derive even deeper meanings from their connected data,” said Yu Xu, founder and CEO of TigerGraph. “MultiGraph represents an incredible breakthrough, supporting real-time graph collaboration for the first time ever. Now enterprises can improve the transparency and the availability of their data among teams, promoting productivity and decision-making for the business. TigerGraph continues to offer enterprises the best solution for the fastest and most scalable graph analytics - no matter how large or complex the dataset.”

Today, companies are demanding real-time data to make informed decisions and to provide better customer experiences. Graph analytics are optimized to deliver new insight and intelligence previously impossible or hard to detect, allowing enterprises to capture key business moments for competitive advantage.

For example, a leading ecommerce company uses TigerGraph to provide real-time product recommendations to shoppers, including new users with no transaction history, to enrich their overall experience. This approach has increased revenues by 35 percent at companies including Amazon and Alibaba. The ecommerce company uses TigerGraph to analyze browsing history, product feedback, bookmarks, geographic location and other online behavior data.

TigerGraph 2.0 is uniquely suited in offering an out-of-the box architecture that fully supports upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements from the European Union. The new MultiGraph service enables organizations to easily manage and monitor data access, data lineage and personal data. This includes where a point of data was first acquired, whether consent was given in obtaining it, where it moved over time, where it resides in each system, and how it gets used.

TigerGraph 2.0 is poised to help organizations to meet GDPR compliance requirements, set to be implemented in May 2018. The solution provides enterprises with comprehensive data lineage and compliance reporting, benefiting them as they seek to understand how personal data is used and accessed throughout an organization.

Enterprise graph database adoption continues to rise. According to a new report by Forrester Research, “51% of global data and analytics technology decision makers either are implementing, have already implemented, or are upgrading their graph databases.” 1 TigerGraph is a technical breakthrough representing the next stage in the graph database evolution, fulfilling the promise of the graph platform by tackling the toughest data challenges in real time. Unlike other solutions, TigerGraph scales real-time multi-hop queries up to trillions of relationships. The result is maximum business insight to help enterprises create new value chains and opportunities.

TigerGraph 2.0’s new offerings include:

MultiGraph Service - The industry’s first graph analytics collaboration service, where multiple groups can share one master database for access to real-time updates and collaboration. Local control and security features help enterprises meet compliance regulations. TigerGraph 2.0 breaks down data silos, improving team transparency and access to data for enhanced productivity.

Improved Distributed System Performance - TigerGraph’s distributed database platform is now even easier to deploy, with enhancements in package management, distributed architecture and new language features. Enjoy streamlined setup and management, and speed up querying and data loading in distributed systems.

Security and System Integration Enhancements - TigerGraph offers world-leading performance and enterprise-readiness for security and integration. TigerGraph 2.0 includes features that enterprises need in today’s market, such as: Single Sign On, Directory Service (LDAP/AD), encryption for data at rest and data in motion, and role-based access control.

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Supporting Quotes

“With GDPR requirements on the horizon, TigerGraph 2.0’s new MultiGraph service is a natural and logical offshoot of its architecture, helping organizations achieve compliance. As graph becomes more readily available to support real-time, large datasets, we'll see even more applications of graph analytics to provide valuable business insight.” - John Myers, managing research director, Enterprise Management Associates

"A real-time graph engine is essential to manage equipment in the power grid. TigerGraph's real-time high performance, computational power, its scalability to process large graphs, and its flexible and powerful SDK enables my teams to develop vertical applications quickly and efficiently.” - Guangyi Liu, PhD, CTO of GEIRI North America.

Register to join TigerGraph’s Free March 1st webinar

What: MultiGraph for Security and Profit: One Dataset, Multiple Views” webinar
Who: Victor Lee, director of product management, TigerGraph
When: Thursday, March 1st at 11:00 am - 12:00 pm PT / 2:00 - 3:00 pm ET

Managing multiple systems is an expensive and burdensome problem. This webinar provides a look at TigerGraph’s new MultiGraph service, which not only supports multiple separately managed subgraphs, but also overlapping (shared) subgraphs. Learn how this new service is poised to open up some exciting new use cases.

TigerGraph Presents at Strata Data Conference

What: “Real-Time Deep Link Analytics: The Next Stage of Graph Analytics” Session
Who: Yu Xu, CEO and founder, TigerGraph
When: Wednesday, March 7th at 2:40 pm PT
Where: Expo Hall 1, Strata Data Conference, San Jose Convention Center

Graph databases are the fastest growing category in data management. However, most queries only traverse two hops in big graphs due to limitations in most graph databases. Real-world applications require deep link analytics that traverse far more than three hops. Yu Xu offers an overview of a fraud detection system that manages 100 billion graph elements to detect risk and fraudulent groups.

Visit TigerGraph at Strata booth #1024. 
To schedule one-on-one meetings with TigerGraph executives at the event, email Follow the company on Twitter at

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TigerGraph is the world’s fastest graph analytics platform powered by Native Parallel Graph (NPG) technology. TigerGraph fulfills the true promise and benefits of the graph platform by tackling the toughest data challenges in real time, no matter how large or complex the dataset. TigerGraph supports applications such as IoT, AI and machine learning to make sense of ever-changing big data. TigerGraph’s proven technology is used by customers including Alipay, VISA, SoftBank, State Grid Corporation of China, Wish and Elementum. For more information, follow the company on Twitter @TigerGraphDB or visit

1 Forrester Research, Vendor Landscape: Graph Databases, Noel Yuhanna, 6 October 2017.

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