LONG BEACH, Calif., March 27, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Eli Electric Vehicles, creating the next generation of Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEV), today announced exclusive pricing for early adopter customers who reserve an Eli ZERO, a compact and sleek, zero-emission personal electric vehicle for daily short trips and commutes. For a limited time, Eli ZERO is offered at a cost savings of up to $3,200. Today through May 2018 customers can reserve their Eli ZERO at www.eli.world.

The Eli ZERO reimagines the NEV market and addresses the dynamic transportation demands of modern cities with a fully enclosed, temperature controlled versatile two-seat vehicle with storage for daily drives over shorter distances. Eli ZERO is 100-percent electric and 30-percent more compact than a Smart Car. As an NEV (a federally regulated class of roadway vehicle), Eli ZERO is street legal to drive on roads up to 35 mph in most states. With a top speed of 25 mph, Eli ZERO is available with either a 55-mile or 85-mile range. It uses a Lithium-Ion 48V battery, and its charging port is compatible with both 120V standard outlets and Level-2 Charging Stations for maximum convenience. The redefined NEV is 90 percent more energy efficient than a fuel car, and, with an MPGe of more than 350, Eli ZERO is one of the top energy-efficient electric vehicles.

“Our current model of private transportation is unsustainable, we run small errands in elephant sized industrial machines. Simply swapping diesel for batteries won’t solve the fundamental problems of sprawling, congestions and redundancy. The reality is nearly half of all household trips are solo passenger treks of less than three miles. We hope Eli ZERO will not only benefit our customers for its convenience and practical savings, but also benefit communities for its minimal physical and environmental footprint,” said Marcus Li, CEO at Eli. “We are offering the Eli ZERO at a price point that is attainable by just about everyone, making it the perfect second vehicle for around town trips, in additional to using Lyft or a larger vehicle for longer distances.”

The Eli ZERO is designed to meet street-legal NEV requirements for both the United States and Europe (L6e).

Additional features include:

  • Hi-Res LED Dashboard with Smart Dial for Intuitive Vehicle Control
  • Driver Proximity Detection with auto-unlock, keyless entry and Press-To-Start for hop-n-go access
  • EASY mode with regen braking and “one-pedal driving” to simplify maneuvering
  • Vehicle Management System that monitors and analyzes vehicle data in real time
  • All-Aluminum Chassis Construction for agility and lower manufacturing carbon footprint
  • Full temperature controls for heat and cooling
  • Entertainment system including radio, USB and Bluetooth

Pricing and Availability

Eli ZERO MSRP is $9,900-11,900. For a limited time, Eli ZERO can be reserved at www.eli.world.  Consumers who participate in the pre-order reservation will receive their vehicle starting December 2018 in the United States.

About Eli Electric Vehicles

Eli Electric Vehicles is co-headquartered in Long Beach, California and Beijing, China where the company’s vehicles are manufactured. Eli Electric Vehicles is dedicated to improving how people live by developing products with a focus on user behavior and experience that can function as standalone objects or as part of larger, collective systems. The vision for Eli sparked in 2015 when CEO Marcus Li was studying architecture in New York when he started to analyze transportation and the organization of cities. He began to understand that choice of transportation to get from place to place shapes the look and feel of those places: to reshape the image of urban America, he would need to reinvent the transportation system. Eli ZERO is the smaller, simpler and friendlier NEV not obsessed on speed or acceleration but focused on simplification of movements within relatively short distances to get riders from point A to point B. Eli ZERO is empowering riders to reconnect with their neighborhood and cities, and ultimately discourage sprawling and highway dependency. Eli Electric Vehicles aims to be the leader in electric transportation for short-range and high frequency trip. For more information please visit www.eli.world and follow the company on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Julia Kreiner