SEATTLE, May 09, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Every year natural disasters occur across the country that can have dramatic effects on us – and our pets. Last year, islands and coasts were hit particularly hard with hurricanes and thousands of pets were affected by Harvey and Irma. Other natural disasters like tornadoes, flooding, earthquakes and snowstorms can also take their toll throughout the year.

With National Animal Disaster Preparedness Day approaching (May 12), Trupanion, a leader in medical insurance for cats and dogs, wants to remind pet owners of the importance of having a preparedness plan in place.

As part of those plans, pet owners should put together an emergency kit with their pet in mind. Pet emergency kits should include:

  • Food – A week’s worth of pet food that will help bridge the gap before more can be purchased. Pets will already be in a stressful state, so keeping their diet as consistent as possible will be important.
  • Water – During a natural disaster, clean water may be at a premium, so stock up on bottled water.
  • Collar with ID tag & leash – During an emergency, pets may have the instinct to want to flee. Having an extra collar and leash are important to make sure that the pet remains secured. ID tags should always be attached in case the pet gets free.
  • Medicines – If pets are on any medication for existing medical problems, it’s important to have at least a few days’ to a week’s worth in the emergency kit to cover them until a veterinarian can be reached.
  • Medical records & other important documents in a water-proof container – Keeping a copy of all medical records and other important documents (like purebred papers or city registration papers) in an emergency kit will ensure that any veterinarian will have a detailed history of the pet and that the pet owner is able to clearly prove ownership in case there is a question.
  • Favorite things – Pets can sense stress, so to keep them as comfortable as possible, include items that are familiar to them — such as toys, treats, or blankets and smell like home.

In addition to the emergency kit, make sure there is a carrier that is accessible as pet's need to be crated in shelters.

In response to last year’s natural disasters, Trupanion reached out to affected areas in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico with names and locations of pet-friendly shelters in the area, as well as organizations that were accepting donations and supplies to help pets affected by the hurricanes.

It never hurts to have a backup plan, so share the plans with friends and family, and provide instructions for the pet's care. This would include feeding instructions, veterinary and emergency vet contacts, any medications, special habits or toys, and contact information for a designated trusted person to watch your pets.

For information on how to help pets after a natural disaster – Trupanion offers these suggestions on ways everyone can make a difference.

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